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ClpHub - Cloud Insurance Solution Provider

CLP Hub – SaaS for Insurance Companies

CLP HUB is the first Georgian startup that offers comprehensive software solution to insurance companies. The company was established four years ago, but initially worked in other fields and was the first to develop relevant programs for microfinance and small banks.

A year ago, the CLP HUB refocused its direction  and despite a short period of time created by now a highly demanded product for the insurance system, with interest growing both domestically and abroad.

Interview with the founder of the company Irakli Charkhalashvili:

Your company has been very successful in providing software for microfinance companies and small banks. Why did you decide to change direction and focus  on the insurance sector?

As you mentioned, we were the first Georgian company to provide software for microfinance companies and small banks. It was one of our clients from a microfinance bank to ask us whether we had an interest in creating Insurance Software. We had never thought about it before and had no experience, so initially, we gave up on it, but later we found the idea appealing. We started market research and found that there was a high demand for this product, while supply was insufficient. We invited a person with experience in this field to our team and started working. About a year later the product was ready.

What services do you specifically offer to the customers and how your benefits differ from those of your competitors?

We can say that our software fully covers the activities of insurance companies such as:

сustomer base and policy management, billing, automated messaging, assignment and loss rate, accounting and insurance, all other modules required for the company.

By contrast with competitors, our software application allows creating a new type of products much faster than it would be possible by the use of standard models. For instance, any product for auto insurance requires 6 months – 1 year to be produced, while our software application makes possible to do it in a week. Time minimization and optimization is our main benefit. Also, a very important advantage is that standard software offers customers a ready-made template that the company should customize. And our program is the opposite: we offer empty boxes where the company can add as much information as it needs. This is especially handy for insurance companies that are constantly adding new services and updating their terms of service.

Who are your clients in the Georgian market?

We started working on the system in January and in just two months, our first client appeared – IC Group. The next company was Basisbank and then Cartu Insurance has also joined us. This is a pretty big success in such a short period of time.

Are there any opportunities to export the product abroad?

In fact, we have 3 competitors in the world and the prospect of going overseas with our software is great. We have a working relationship with a Polish company which, in turn, helps insurance companies find new software. They have been connecting us with potential clients and are currently negotiating with 3 European companies.

It is noteworthy that if you order any foreign company individually tailored product, they will require a huge amount of money for such service and besides work for at least 3 to 5 months to create it. And, as we have already mentioned, our product implies an individual approach from the beginning. Our software optimizes company funds as is also important for both foreign and local customers. Some insurance companies have a whole team of developers trying to fit an existing template into a new product and they have to write separate programs. Our program eliminates the need for this team, reducing the cost to companies by up to 60 percent.

Tell us about co-financing, who are your partners?

In addition to our own investments, we received GEL 100,000 from Georgia’s Innovation & Technology Agency when our project turned out to be among the 17 winning startups. We are now actively working to raise additional funds, as our goal is to enter the international market, which is difficult without additional investment and requires much more time.


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